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naval architecture

Design of traditional and modern yachts and small workboats.

All our projects are designed in a full 3D CAD system, providing a clear view to the client,
who can make adaptations or even major changes before the actual construction starts.

Surveys for restoration and the dimensional survey of existing craft or wrecks
for the construction of replica ships.

Because of the actual interest in the construction of replica or the rebuild of existing old
ships we decided to adapt the survey methods, used in industrial sites for the building
of a computer model of an existing vessel.
This model can be used as a guidance or the base of a complete new design or the
construction of an exact duplicate.


Advice, supervision and management of construction and/or restoration activities.

The building of a new ship, the restoration or renovation of an existing vessel or any major job requires a close follow-up with in dept knowledge in order to obtain the results You may expect for Your good money.

The composition of a good team of craftsmen, furnishers and advisors together with the right materials is the key to success.
This can only be achieved by a close coordination.
The necessary time for such a task can be very hard to find during Your daily business.
Therefore we offer You the opportunity to make Your project a success.